An organisation’s strategy needs a functional practical foundation if it is going to succeed in reaching its’ goals. Such a foundation requires that the management together with the employees have a common understanding of what the strategy actually means. We have created a unique methodology to develop improved communication-, co-operation- and efficiency processes in and between all levels of an organisation.

Memetor’s methodology introduces memes, which are simple tools the participants can use to create a common understanding of each other’s perspectives and simplify the communication process. The methodology gives the participants a common sense of what they are taking part in, and gives them the opportunity to work together towards a common goal, and to effectively achieve results.

Memetor methodology
This figure describes how the use of memes creates a common understanding in an organisation, network or group.

1. People are positioned differently in the world, and they develop distinctive mental maps and perspectives.

2. Memetor introduces simple models called memes. They create common perspectives despite the different positions of the individual.

3. The memes are useful tools when individuals are thinking and talking together in order to reach a collective understanding.

When they can share their different perspectives, the process of building a new, common direction is reinforced.

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