The Memetor concept is based on participation and interpretation by focusing on your business while using simple, iconic models called memes. These models are made to stick, and are easily accessible for everyone, regardless of background and position.

At the heart of Memetor’s methodology is our belief that your people possess the knowledge, skill and power to unlock the potential of your organisation. Instead of advising you on your area of expertise, we use our methodology to guide people in understanding and communicate WHY and HOW they contribute to the common goal, harnessing local insight for maximum global impact.

We facilitate processes where we provide you with mental templates where it is up to every participant to fill them with meaningful content. These memes are “made to stick”, which enables the participants to remember them and actively apply them in their environment.



Your ambitions are our starting point. Through tailor-made workshops, we create recognition and a means of achieving the goals defined by the company. Helping people to embrace and understand your strategy and bring it to life in their daily work practice increases value and performance.



Effective leadership drives the difference between mediocrity and magnificence. We work with leaders throughout the organization to promote commitment and understanding. This will create motivated, inspiring leaders with the courage to lead and the wisdom to know when to follow.



At Memetor, we tailor programs for any company. We generate arenas for dialogue between leaders and peers throughout all levels of the organization. Through ownership, understanding, and commitment, people are mobilized to execute strategies effectively and to change.

How we do it