Henriette Nybø Vangstein
Henriette Nybø Vangstein

Henriette Nybø Vangstein is CEO and owner of Memetor. She has extensive experience in developing and facilitating various programs nationally and internationally within strategy, leadership, communication and mobilization. Henriette also trains and develops other facilitators and consultants in Memetor’s concept.

Henriette has long experience working at the intersection of developing and operationalizing strategies. She understands business processes and is glowingly concerned with how companies can realize strategies through triggering the potential that already lies with the employees. Using her insights into the current culture and structure of client companies, she designs concepts and delivers perfectly pitched programs to grow their strategy and release the hidden potential of their people.

By building trust and sharing experiences in practical leadership training, Henriette has provided leadership development in large public and private companies for a number of years.

Henriette has built, developed and managed companies for over fifteen years, thus having heavy operational management experience in addition to consulting experience both nationally and globally.

As Memetor continues to expand, Henriette is pursuing her vision to evolve the company’s own strategy to meet the ever-advancing needs of today’s international organizations. In addition, she delivers programs and is shaping a new generation of facilitators to deliver Memetor’s work around the world.

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Linn Wahl Nilsson
Linn Wahl Nilsson

Linn Wahl Nilsson is a consultant, coach and facilitator in Memetor. From 2013 to 2015 she worked as a partner and facilitator for Memetors offices in Singapore. She is now back in Norway, working as a facilitator of leadership and mobilization programs for several nordic clients. Linn has 20 years of experience from business, management, services and sales.

She has a solid knowledge and competence on leader development and coaching within strategy, leadership and mobilization. Linn also facilitate different leader networks for experience- and competence development.

One of her best qualities is her awareness and ability to connect and communicate with others. She has strengthened her bachelors in psychology and marketing communication with two years study of NLP coaching. This has made her an expert in one-to-one coaching/mentoring as well as facilitating groups. With her enthusiasm and passion, and her ability to communicate, she assists in the developmentprocess between employee and the business.

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Synnøve Skjelten
Synnøve Skjelten

Synnøve Skjelten is a co-owner and executive director of Memetor Cape Town. She
is an expert on public communication and empowerment strategies and has a
Research Masters in political science (University of Cape Town) on the innovative use of communication in transformational processes. She is a published author on the same subject.

Applying her in-depth knowledge and experience, Synnove custom makes
programmes and facilitates workshops for companies requiring assistance with
leadership development, strategy implementation, mobilisation and teambuilding. “I have a great job. It is extremely rewarding to see how the Memetor methodology enables participants at our workshops to use their own experiences and expertice and together as a team becoming a more unified, mobilised and efficient workforce.”

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Kristin Profil 20017 copy
Kristin Ellen Jensen

Kristin Ellen Jensen is the CEO of Memetor Cape Town. Besides being an experienced leader and team worker, she has always been driven by her interests in human relations, communication and interaction. She has a broad international background, and is expert in working with multicultural groups and organisations.

In Memetor, Kristin custom-makes and facilitates workshops and events for a wide range of industries to help you build an open and including culture, effective and motivated teams, and an attentive and skilled leadership. Based on Memetor’s methodology and her unique qualities, she assists in the development of your work environment, in and between all levels of your organisation.

Kristin’s competence is manifold. She has a Master’s degree in Social Anthropology from the University of Oslo where she studied how we represent our sense of belonging in a complex society. She has achieved valuable skills in the management of an expanding academic publishing house in Oslo, and as Director of two college centres in New York City and Cape Town. Kristin has also enjoyed teaching globalisation and multicultural understanding on four continents for college students and the tourism industry.

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Alexander E. Telje
Alexander E. Telje

Alexander E. Telje is Partner in Memetor Singapore and a Consultant at  Memetor’s Oslo Office.

As a consultant, Alexander has extensive experience from facilitation of leadership groups in the areas of commercial strategy, change management and company culture. As part of Memetor, Alexander has been involved in establishing new values and drive company culture projects for Veritas Petroleum Services, Strategy and Leadership Group development for Veritas GL and Kongsberg Maritime, as well as leadership facilitation for Sykehusbygg, NCC, Cenium and INTOSAI. Primary clients include industries within Oil and Gas, FMCG and Shipping. In addition, Alexander has  experience with how to best blend Scandinavian and Asian business cultures for optimal performance.

Alexander has a driving interest in developing organizational cultures that  optimally mobilize managers and employees for continuous improvement. Through interactive work and facilitation ensure that all parts of the organization are aligned in its strategic choices and actions as well ensuring  common ownership to the vision of the company.

Before joining Memetor, Alexander held leading positions in the FMCG sector and has been the Managing Director for several operations within the Scandinavian Tobacco Group and British American Tobacco.

Alexander holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from University of Texas, Austin and a Master of Business Administration from Marshall School of Business at University of Southern California with a dual degree in Organizational Development & International Strategy.

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