Oslo is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe. The city hosts world-leading companies within the ocean industries, finance, information and communication technologies, energy and life sciences. Memetor serve several of these companies.

Instead of telling you what to do in your field, Memetor focus on the hows and whys of making your people act together in concert. Our training and facilitation programs are based on a few simple but important principles: relevance, participation and flexibility. We use both physical and digital space to achieve high levels of interaction and engagement.

Meet the CEO

Henriette Nybø Vangstein
Henriette Nybø Vangstein
Henriette Nybø Vangstein

Henriette Nybø Vangstein is CEO and owner of Memetor. She has extensive experience in developing and facilitating various programs nationally and internationally within strategy, leadership, communication and mobilization. Henriette also trains and develops other facilitators and consultants in Memetor’s concept.

Henriette has long experience working at the intersection of developing and operationalizing strategies. She understands business processes and is glowingly concerned with how companies can realize strategies through triggering the potential that already lies with the employees. Using her insights into the current culture and structure of client companies, she designs concepts and delivers perfectly pitched programs to grow their strategy and release the hidden potential of their people.

By building trust and sharing experiences in practical leadership training, Henriette has provided leadership development in large public and private companies for a number of years. She has built, developed and managed companies for over fifteen years, thus having heavy operational management experience in addition to consulting experience, both nationally and globally.

As Memetor continues to expand, Henriette is pursuing her vision to evolve the company’s own strategy to meet the ever-advancing needs of today’s international organizations. In addition, she delivers programs and is shaping a new generation of facilitators to deliver Memetor’s work around the world.

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