Brussels is considered to be the de facto capital of Europe, having a long history of hosting European institutions.

The seats of the European Commission, Council of the European Union, European Council, and the European Parliament, as well as NATO, EFTA, ESA and EFTA Grants are all located here.

Memetor has served clients in Brussels for several years. Memetor’s theory and practice is influenced by the fields of pragmatism, complexity and evolution.

Meet the Owner

Ruben Loodts
Ruben Loodts
Ruben Loodts, Partner & Facilitator

Before launching Memetor in Brussels, Ruben has been active as self-employed advisor, trainer and facilitator, supporting organisations and companies in pursuing their strategic goals. Ruben developed his professional identity as a change consultant through an intensive learning traject with the Foundation for Corporate Education, building on over 10 years of management experience in civil society organisations and the European youth sector.

Ruben has a Masters degree in Comparative and International Politics from the University of Leuven and graduated with a dissertation on the societal impact of pan-European organisations in a European context. Ruben has been secretary-general of the Young European Federalists and was expert for the European Commission and the Council of Europe.


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